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Restoring Your Knoxville Commercial Property After A Water Loss

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Knoxville commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of North Knoxville

SERVPRO of North Knoxville specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

North Knoxville 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Knoxville is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - 865-947-9992

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of North Knoxville has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of North Knoxville

SERVPRO of North Knoxville specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property

Dealing with Spring storms

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Spring storm season in East Tennessee can be unpredictable. Heavy winds and rain are common and we have already seen a lot of rain in the month of February. During heavy rain events it’s not uncommon for water to end up in a finished or unfinished basement. SERVPRO of North Knoxville can quickly extract the water and set up drying equipment no matter the size of the area affected. There is, however, something to keep in mind: most insurance companies DO NOT cover water losses that come from exterior sources. It’s also important to note that the source needs be stopped before extraction can begin. So when the rain stops and you have water issues in your house be sure to call SERVPRO of North Knoxville!

Mold 101

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold 101 Mold can spread through a home in as little as 48 hours. Don't wait, call us today!

Health concerns may arise when excessive mold grows indoors. Concerns are more likely to arise for “at risk” people, which might include immune suppressed or compromised individuals, young children and individuals with chronic inflammatory lung diseases such as asthma and severe allergies. However, anyone may experience health problems associated with exposure to mold in damp buildings. Possible health effects include: runny nose, sneezing, coughing, aggravation of asthma, sore throat or inflammation of the sinuses. 

Fungi and mold naturally occur in our environment. In fact, over 100,000 kinds of fungi have been identified. Fungi produce some very useful results. Yeast is a type of fungi used in preparing breads, baked goods and other food products, including some alcoholic beverages. The unique flavor of blue cheese is a result of mold. An edible mushroom is simply a type of fungi, and lifesaving penicillin is a product of mold (Penicillin chrysogenum). Even though some forms of mold can add value to our lives, other forms can be harmful. Excessive amounts of mold, different types of mold, and/or exposure to molds may present health concerns for some people.

Intrusion of water into your home or place of business can result in mold growth. Water intrusions can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long-standing leaks and poor humidity control. When water intrusions are not addressed right away, the resulting damage can present increased risk of harmful mold growth. Some amount of mold spores are normally present in most environments. If the humidity and moisture levels in a water-damaged environment are not promptly returned to normal, mold spores may grow and multiply. Organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation, provide food sources for mold to flourish. Excessive mold growth can lead to indoor environmental conditions that pose a health threat.

If you think you might have a mold problem, call 865.947.9992 A SERVPRO® Franchise Professional trained in mold remediation will examine the structure for any visible signs of mold. In the event mold is found, you will be asked to approve and sign a work authorization form prior to any mold cleanup or related work being performed. The technician may also recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safely completed. If extensive mold growth is present, additional assistance may be required. Some situations require the addition of an Indoor Air Quality/Environmental Professional with the specialized equipment and services needed to assess and/or repair property. You may wish to consult your adjuster if needed.

If you suspect the presence of mold, contact SERVPRO® of North Knoxville today! 865.947.9992

Source: SERVPRONet

Mold Tips

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

The dreaded "M" word. Nobody likes to see that they have growth and not knowing the amount of money it is going to take to fix the problem is stressful. Here are a few tips on how to prevent mold growth from starting in the first place:

  • keep the humidity as low as you can- condensation creates a breeding ground
  • be sure your home has enough ventilation
  • fix any leaks in your homes roof, walls, and plumbing
  • clean up and dry out your home within 48 hours after flooding
  • add mold inhibitors to paint before painting
  • clean with mold killing products
  • Remove and replace carpets that cannot be dried promptly

Nothing is 100 percent preventable, but with a few preventative measures you can significantly lessen your chances for losses. If you suspect a growth, be sure to call SERVPRO of North Knoxville. We will be glad to assist you. 

What to do to prepare for a storm

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Strong gusts of wind? Dark, fast moving clouds? Downpour of rain? These are a few warning signs that a storm is headed in your direction.Here are a few helpful tips on what you can do to prepare for a storm:

  • check the forecast- know what to expect
  • watch for signs of approaching storm- clouds, wind, rain, etc. 
  • check on neighbors who require special assistance- ensure they are in a safe zone and ensure they are prepared 
  • have flashlights and batteries on hand
  • have a battery operated radio
  • have a first aide kit
  • get manual can opener and canned foods
  • stay away from windows and doors

There is no way to be 100% prepared for a storm but you can increase your chances for survival if you take a few preventative measures. 

What to do during a storm

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

If you can hear thunder, remember that you are close enough to be struck by lightening. Seek shelter immediately and do the following:

  • move to a sturdy building or car
  • get out of boats and away from water
  • unplug unnecessary appliances
  • do not take a bath or a shower
  • stay away from windows
  • if flooding is happening, get to higher ground.

One way to ensure you are safe during a natural disaster is to always be prepared.Emergency readiness plans are very useful and come in handy. Practice emergency drills and always think "what if." To help keep children and the elderly safe, practicing these drills will give them the tools to know what to do in dire situations. There are many variables that come in to play and you want to be sure that you are ready for as many as possible. 

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Plants around your home? Gutters full of leaves? Downspouts unattached? High water bills? These are all signs of potential water damage. 

  • be careful where you plant trees and plants- some plants have invasive roots
  • clean out roof gutters- debris causes build up of water with no place to go
  • keep an eye on your water bill- extreme differences could show a leak
  • us a drain snake instead of chemicals- chemicals can potentially eat through your pipes
  • NEVER POUR GREASE DOWN YOUR SINK- even if the water is running, it can and will clog your drains

Damage from water is hard to prevent. With the knowledge discussed in this post, you may be able to lessen your chances of water damage or lessen the amount of damage caused by the water. 

Signs of Mold in House

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

It is awful to find out that what you thought was just a spot of dirt, is actually mold growth. Have you ever moved something, and underneath found what you suspected to be mold? Appliances leaking provides a breeding ground for growth. Here are a few signs that you have mold in your home:

  • smelling a mold odor- sort of like an old book store smell or a basement smell 
  • mold growth- can be confused for dirt spots
  • previous water leaks- under and around the area where there were previous leaks can potentially cause mold growth
  • past flooding
  • excess condensation- bathrooms, kitchens, and any other room that there may be excess moisture are potential hazards

The best way to confirm growth is to call a professional. Mold growth is one of the many things that is best handled by a professional.The trusted team at SERVPRO of North Knoxville will be happy to help!

Water Damage Prevention Tips

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Here are a few tips to prevent water damage:

  • check hoses and faucets on a regular basis- be sure hoses and faucets are not leaking
  • check tubs and showers- be sure that showers are caulked and shower curtains are tight against the walls
  • know how to shut off your water main- if a leak occurs be sure you are able to shut off the water
  • install flooring pans under appliances to catch any water that could be leaking
  • consider purchasing point of leak alarms- water alarms that work like fire alarms
  • consider purchasing a water flow monitoring system- will let you know how much water you are using at any given time

These are just a few tips to water damage prevention. ALways be aware.