Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mold growth in closet.

Water Can Quickly Lead To Mold

A water leak can quickly lead to a mold infestation if the water damage is not mitigated in a timely manner. If you notice signs of water damage in your home or business in Mascot, TN, don't hesitate and give us a call!

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Flood Damage Requires a Professional

After flood damage, there are steps you can take right away to start on the repairs- but you’ll also want to hire a certified professional like SERVPRO of North Knoxville to help you. For instance, floods or storm surges which are contaminated may contain pathogens, which become a breeding ground for mold. If they are left to fester, mold spores will spread throughout your home, becoming even harder to remove.

Water Damage

A pipe burst in the upstairs of a home in Clinton, Tennessee. Because of the amount of water that came out, it caused the ceiling to fall in. Luckily, the SERVPRO of North Knoxville team was nearby to help. 

Ceiling fell through Due to water Damage

This is a home in Norris, Tn. The customer says that the roof had been leaking and she lives out of town. Before she knew it the ceiling of the bathroom fell through on her rental unit.

Ceiling Damage

A pipe had burst in an upstairs bathroom at a home in Knoxville, TN. The professional team at SERVPRO of North Knoxville headed out right away to assist with this issue. It caused quite a bit of damage to the ceiling and floor below. 

Flooded Crawspace

The crawlspace flooded due to a downspout being positioned in the wrong direction. Children were playing with the downspout and turned it towards the foundation. The homeowners called SERVPRO of North Knoxville to removed the water and get their crawlspace back to dry conditions. 

Leaking Appliance

This water damage was caused by the fridge leaking. The home owner did not know it was leaking right away so there was damage to the drywall and flooring. SERVPRO of North Knoxville came out and resolved the issue for the client. 

Pipe Burst

A pipe burst in the kitchen and caused the crawlspace to become flooded. The ceiling of the crawlspace was heavily water damaged. SERVPRO of North Knoxville ensured that the space was dry and repaired the flooring. 


Water went into crawl space and caused damage to insulation and foundation. The cause of loss was a pipe that had burst in the kitchen. SERVPRO of North Knoxville came to the rescue, "Like it never even happened."

Water in A/C Unit

Water damage in A/C unit. There was significant damage to other parts of the building as well. We were able to get moisture levels back to normal after a few days of using our drying equipment. 

Broken Pipe Under a Home in Knoxville, TN

This is the major water damage from a pipe leak under a house in Knoxville, TN. There was a large amount of water under the crawl space and on top of the barrier. The customers were very happy as to how "courteous and helpful" our staff was during this ordeal.