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5 Tips To Ensure Fire Sprinklers Will Work

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

red head of a fire sprinkler Each sprinkler head should have at least 36 inches of space under it.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

If your Blaine, TN, business, is lucky enough to have a fire sprinkler system, you have added peace of mind that any flames will be extinguished quickly. To ensure that peace of mind and minimize the damage a professional fire restoration company will need to complete, it is necessary to keep the system on the top of the maintenance checklist. Below are five ways to help ensure the sprinklers will work when needed.

1. Keep Heads Clear
The sprinkler heads should never be painted. This interferes with the sensors that detect heat. Dust and debris may also affect the sensors, so it’s a good idea to regularly dust them. Ensure that extra care is taken during fire sprinkler cleanup.

2. Avoid Obstructing Heads
Each sprinkler head should have at least 36 inches of space under it. Any decorative items, furniture or storage that is closer than that should be moved. Any kind of blockage may affect the head’s ability to properly spray.

3. Maintain Proper Water Pressure
For a fire sprinkler system to work, it needs the right amount of water pressure. As part of a regular maintenance routine, ensure that the pressure is correctly set.

4. Leave Control Valve Open
If the control valve accidentally gets closed, no water will start flowing if the sprinklers are activated. Regularly check this is in the open position.

5. Get an Annual Professional Fire Suppression Inspection
Like with other elements of a property, regular inspections by a professional are recommended. That is especially true if your suppression is older. A certified professional will ensure everything is up to code and ready to work.
Having a fire sprinkler system may provide another layer of safety but only if you are certain it will work. Ensuring the system is regularly maintained and inspected is key to making that happen.

Storm Damage and Your Taxes

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Ceiling collapsed from a commercial building, debris on the floor Commercial storm damage in Fountain City, TN.

Storm Damage and Your Taxes

If a powerful storm hits your company in Fountain City, TN, there may be many resources that can help you cope with such things as extra expenses, a temporary business shut down and damages. If your area is declared a disaster zone due to widespread storms, you could also see some extra relief. This could come in the form of delayed deadlines for filing taxes, as well as the ability to receive zero or low-interest loans to repair storm damage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency often has helpful information on its website. Your company could also get some relief during tax time.

Qualifying for a Tax Write-Off?

Any time your company faces a business loss it is a good idea to investigate what items might be tax-deductible. This should always be done in consultation with a tax professional, as tax laws can be hard to interpret and they change from year to year. Storm damage is available for a tax deduction in these broad circumstances:

  • It represents a true business loss
  • It is not covered by insurance
  • It was paid for by your company

When filing taxes, it is important to subtract reimbursements from your insurance company or other sources. IRS Publication 547 provides information on calculating and applying for disaster losses.

Recovering From a Storm Disaster

While costs and expenses are an important part of any storm relief, they are not the entire picture. Your company will also likely need the services of a certified storm remediation franchise. A professional restoration company will send a team of technicians to your facility to remove water, repair structures and clean and sanitize the premises. These workers will make sure your building is in good shape again. Members of the SERVPRO franchise are always Here to Help.
Storm damage presents many challenges for your company. It is important to seek help in all available areas.

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Fire Hazards

4/17/2022 (Permalink)

Cleaning a lint trap Lint is a highly flammable and common household nuisance.

Minimize the Risk Of a Home Fire

Homeowners in Powell, TN, may not think twice about bringing potential fire hazards into their homes. Some are so commonplace it is habitual to purchase them or ignore them in the home. Common fire hazards include:

  • Cooking Oils
  • Candles
  • Lint

Simple changes, such as using candle alternatives, can minimize the risk of a fire. Here are a few ways to keep your home safe from fire hazards.

1. Properly Handle Cooking Oils

Many fires begin with improperly handled cooking oils. When you are cooking, never leave hot oil unattended. It takes less than 30 seconds for it to ignite once it begins smoking. To prevent a grease fire, heat the oil slowly in a pan and do not place frozen foods directly in the hot grease. Storing salt nearby is helpful to quickly douse a grease fire.

2. Avoid Using Open Flame Candles

An open flame is a potential fire waiting to happen. Wick candles are a common cause of house fires. Using candle alternatives is an excellent way to prevent this risk. Some include essential oil diffusers, electric wax warmers, and plugins. Each has its unique benefits so be sure to research which is most suitable for your home. The best way to prevent a candle fire is to utilize flameless alternatives.

3. Keep Dryer Vents Clean

Lint is a highly flammable and common household nuisance. When lint clogs the dryer vent, it begins to accumulate inside of the vent and the exhaust hose. If this is neglected for too long, it could spell a disaster for homeowners. A small spark near lint will cause a terrible house fire. To prevent a lint fire, contact a professional to service your dryer at least once a year.

Prevent fire risks by keeping these hazards out of your home. Practicing safe cooking methods, using candle alternatives, and servicing your dryer are all excellent ways to create a safe home environment. If you are in need of a fire damage restoration service, contact your local professionals to help.

My Pipes Are Frozen: Is This Covered by Insurance?

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Frozen Pipe Always take action to prevent frozen pipes.

When winter weather strikes Heiskell, TN, one of every homeowner’s biggest fears is frozen pipes. Dealing with the water damage cleanup after a pipe burst is bad enough, but then there is also the headache of navigating the insurance claim process.

My Pipes Are Frozen: What Should I Do?

Although frozen pipes are an all-too-common occurrence in the winter months, many homeowners aren’t aware that their pipes have frozen until the pipes burst. If you notice that your pipes have frozen, you may be able to reduce the pressure and prevent a burst.

If your pipes are frozen but intact: Turn on the faucet(s) that is served by the frozen pipe. Using a hairdryer, heat the pipe, starting at the faucet and moving along the pipe toward the frozen section.

If your pipes have burst: First, locate the water cut-off valve for your house and shut off the incoming water to the house to prevent additional damage. Then, contact a water remediation company. These professionals have the equipment and experience to clean up the water quickly and completely.

Will Insurance Cover the Damage?

Once your initial cleanup is underway, it’s time to start on your insurance claim. Homeowners' insurance typically covers water damage if the cause of the damage is accidental and sudden. A pipe burst usually qualifies; however, you may not be covered if you exacerbated the situation, such as by failing to adequately heat the home or by not turning the water off to an unoccupied house. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover necessary home repairs caused by water damage. If you must cut into a wall to access the pipe, the cost of cutting into and then repairing the wall will usually be covered. Most policies do not, however, cover the cost of repairing the pipe itself.
When freezing temperatures are in the forecast, always take action to prevent frozen pipes, if possible. Have your homeowner's information nearby just in case you need to file an insurance claim.

How To Prepare Your Office for Spring Thaws

3/31/2022 (Permalink)

Purple flower on ice When spring arrives, causing snow and ice to melt, office flooding becomes a serious concern.

How to Get Your Office Ready for the Spring Thaw

When spring arrives, causing snow and ice to melt, office flooding becomes a serious concern. Melted precipitation flowing into your business can trigger significant damage. In particularly bad instances, services from a commercial water restoration professional become necessary. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom regarding the peril associated with this troublesome climatic change.

Dangers of Spring Thaws

The seasonal shift between winter and spring comes with dangers that extend beyond water damage. Some include:

  • Cracking bodies of water where people traverse
  • Freezing rain that causes slips on driveways and sidewalks
  • Expanding potholes that make driving treacherous

Of all the hazards associated with this change in weather, the possibility of a spring flood is the one with the capacity to wreak havoc in your office.

Preparation Tips for Spring Thaws

Reduce the odds of seasonal flooding impacting your work site by taking the following actions. Shovel around your building so that thawed snow drains away from the entrance. Additionally, make sure there are no obstacles that could steer water into unwanted territory.

Have your roof inspected, as bad weather can cause tiles to fall off and allow rainwater inside. When removing snow from your building, be certain that you do so as safely as possible.

Ice does not always thaw at the same rate. Because of this, you may have a frozen pipe even as flowers bloom. The threat of a plumbing burst remains real. Install a sump pump in your office’s basement ahead of a crisis. Also, be sure to elevate electronic equipment and documents whenever possible.

Sensors can be installed to send alerts as soon as water becomes detected. These protective systems may also qualify you for a discount on flood insurance.

Preparing for office flooding in Hallbrook, TN is critical to reducing the possibility of watery destruction. Do everything you can to keep seasonal runoff from invading your workspace.

This Is Why You Should Never Use Bleach for Fungus Cleanup

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Container of Clorox Bleach Using Bleach can be dangerous when mixed with the wrong chemicals.

This Is Why You Shouldn't Use Bleach to Get Rid of Fungus

If you've ever encountered a situation requiring fungus cleanup, you've probably heard that bleach will do the trick. Don't count on it! This advice is misguided. As a commercial business owner, you know that you can't afford to make mistakes that could hurt you financially. If a mold problem is improperly taken care of, it will only get worse (and cost more to alleviate) in the future. Read on to find out why this mold cleanup method could harm your business.

The Problem With Bleach

This chemical has been in your home, under your grandma's sink, and within janitor's closets for ages. Why won't it work for fungus cleanup? Keep in mind that bleach:

  • Can't adequately clean porous surfaces;
  • Can be dangerous when mixed with the wrong chemicals;
  • Decreases in effectiveness if old or exposed to air; And can actually perpetuate a mold problem.

Why It's Bad for Mold Cleanup

For getting rid of fungus overgrowth, the aforementioned characteristics are all signs that using this method may not get to the root of the issue. Mold is often pervasive, reaching its tendrils deep down into porous surfaces. These surfaces include materials like carpet, drywall, plywood, or linens. It's likely that if you are dealing with mold overgrowth, it's beneath this type of surface that has gone through some sort of water damage.

Furthermore, the root system of the fungus may actually begin to thrive! The chemical mixture cannot reach down below surface mold. However, the water can travel to the roots of the mold, allowing them to feed and invasively spread. This, obviously, just makes the situation worse. It will also be a moot point if you mistakenly use old, ineffective cleaner.

Do This Instead

It's best to start strongly when it comes to fungus cleanup. If you ever suspect that you need to cleanup mold in your business, it's best to contact a mold remediation expert in Corryton, TN. Don't accidentally exacerbate the issue. Quickly taking the best course of action when you suspect mold will save your business time and money in the long run.

Black Water: 3 Tips for Cleanup and Remediation

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded crawlspace due to storm Storm-damaged crawlspace in a Mascot, Tennessee home.

Black Water: 3 Cleaning and Remediation Tips

When flooding impacts your Mascot, TN, home, there is much to consider in terms of cleanup efforts. Assessing water damage, draining away standing water and salvaging household items will all likely be among your concerns; however, not all types of floodwaters are the same, and those that come from outdoor and sewer sources are usually highly contaminated. If you are facing the cleanup of such water, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to prevent additional damage to your home and belongings.

1. Learn What Category Types Mean

Before you attempt to restore your home after flooding, it is important to understand what different water grades mean. For example, Category 1 comes from sanitary sources, such as from a broken kitchen pipe. Category 2 might include laundry detergent or other types of cleaning residue. Category 3, or black water, comes from storm and sewer flooding and may contain caustic chemicals, raw sewage and other contaminants. If this type of flooding is responsible for any water damage in your home, it is wise to avoid cleaning it up on your own.

2. Seal Affected Areas if Possible

You can mitigate category 3 water problems by sealing off affected rooms if it is safe to enter your home after flooding occurs. Shut any doors to prevent water from leaking into other areas and stuff their bases with towels. Avoid trying to drain any of the water yourself, as you may come into contact with harmful contaminants.

3. Call in a Professional Water Removal Service

Cleaning up category 3 water is a job best left to professionals who have the equipment and experience to handle it. A storm damage and flooding restoration service can bring in machinery such as trash and sumps pumps and ozone units to drain away the water and clean the air of any offensive odors that may remain.

When black water damage affects your Mascot, TN , home, understanding how to handle it safely can be vital to the process. While you might be able to perform some mitigation on your own, it is best to call a professional for drainage and restoration efforts.

The Importance of Cleaning Mold Quickly

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Crawlspace, insulation and mold Water can lead to mold growth if not treated immediately.

Why Schedule Mold Cleanup?

Spot mold on your walls or carpet, and your first instinct might be to leave your commercial property and call a mold remediation company. While the unsightly stains might seem bad enough, there are other, more important risks to keep in mind. Check out these three reasons why you should schedule a mold cleanup as soon as possible after a pipe burst.

1. It Can Spread

Wet, warm and humid conditions make mold thrive. Water from a broken pipe can cause mold to sprout if it's left standing longer than 24 hours. It does so by releasing microscopic spores into the air that can travel all over your property. If the problem is left unattended, it can spread to several rooms. Depending on the location of the damaged pipe, you might be encouraging it to grow every time you turn on a sink or flush a toilet.

2. It's Unhealthy

Breathing in mold can have negative health effects, especially among the young or elderly. Black mold in particular may even result in visits to a doctor. Mold remediation specialists will tackle an outbreak from several angles to make sure you, your employees and your clients remain safe.

3. It's Unsightly

Mold can create stains that set in your carpet and walls. Simply drying the water from a pipe burst is often not sufficient to get your business back in optimal condition. Experts might need to install new flooring or drywall to remove all traces of an infestation. Business owners in Mascot, TN  who allow mold to fester end up paying a significant amount of money repairing their property.

A pipe burst shouldn't be taken lightly. The mold that can result might be viral, unhealthy and aesthetically damaging. Schedule an emergency mold cleanup quickly after a disaster to make your commercial property safe.

Why SERVPRO Is Your Top Choice for Disaster Restoration and Recovery

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

Tree branch over roof of a house Roof damaged by storm in Knoxville, TN.

Why SERVPRO Is Your Best Option for Disaster Recovery and Restoration

As a conscientious homeowner, you do everything you can to create a safe place to live. Your best efforts can’t control every situation, however. If trouble occurs, and you experience severe damage and destruction from a storm at your Knoxville, TN, house, there’s hope for disaster recovery. One call to SERVPRO will bring a team of capable, committed professionals to support you in cleanup, repair, and restoration work.

What Sets Them Apart

A quick online search will show you multiple options when you need a crew to assist with storm damage repair and relief. Not all companies are equal, but it shouldn’t take you long to see why SERVPRO is in a category of its own.

  • SERVPRO has support from the corporate office.
  • SERVPRO responds and works quickly.
  • SERVPRO has experience and skill.
  • SERVPRO uses the latest equipment and techniques.

Local Response, Home Office Resources

SERVPRO is a nationwide disaster recovery company you can trust. It has a main corporate office with a strong structure and solid foundation. The company has an office near you as well. This means if you need immediate help following a storm, you can count on a SERVPRO team of experts to come quickly and begin assessing the damage in your home. Following large-scale storms, the local franchise can call upon the corporate office for additional tools and equipment to combat the task.

Only the Best Technicians

SERVPRO trains its staff with the most proven industry standards and techniques. Employees are prepared to make proper assessments and thoroughly tear out, clean up, sanitize and restore the affected areas. You won’t see anyone using outdated or obsolete equipment. The crew has a fast storm response and will apprise you of the process from start to finish.

Disaster recovery is essential following a big storm. If you want to get your life back to normal, make sure you call the team at SERVPRO.

Prepare Your Children to Escape a House Fire

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighter explaining to kids the use of an fire extinguisher Kids safety training.

Kids' Safety In a Fire

You can’t talk about kids' safety in a fire without first covering the basics. Try to have the following in place before setting up evacuation plans for the children.

  1. Smoke and fire detectors positioned for fastest notification of a fire
  2. A whole-house fire escape plan
  3. An assessment of the capabilities of each child

Understand How Much Responsibility Each of Your Children Can Handle

A home fire is terrifying. We all know adults who are useless in a crisis and would need rescuing. We all know a 6-year-old who would escape unassisted and be the first one to the meeting point. The point here is not to expect any child to do more than their ability allows.

Determine Which Children Can Take the Minimum Required Action

Infants and toddlers cannot evacuate themselves. Some older children may have the same problem. For the kid's safety, you want to give them as much information and responsibility as they can handle. Following are the simple steps you should try to teach your children:

1. Roll out of bed to the floor and stay low. This action is dangerous from a high twin bed or a top bunk. Those children should safely get to the floor any way they can.

2. Crawl to the door. Air quality, visibility and temperature are best at floor level. Stay low.

3. Check the door to see if it is hot. Do not open if it is. Call for help. Repeat at every door along the escape route.

4. Open the door a little and check for smoke. Close if smoke is a problem. Call for help. Repeat at every door along the escape route.

5. Pass through the door. Continue following the escape route.

6. Announce that you are following the escape route. Communication is important.

Kids safety training paid off and the fire is out. It’s time to rebuild. Fire recovery specialists in the Halls Crossroads, TN, area are ready to help. When the job is complete, it will be “Like it never even happened”.